February 6, 2008

I need a pal.

I think I have a new job! I had an interview at Domus in Los Gatos today and man, I sure talked that manager lady right out of her proverbial hiring panties. Come visit me next week when I will most likely be working.

Afterwards though, I was driving back towards my house and I realized I was in the wrong lane and was about to go to Santa Cruz. So my apathy got the hold of me and just decided to drive that somewhat terrifyingly beautiful drive.

I got there and couldn’t decide what to do so I just found the nearest sea cliff and just watched. I was happy to be there but wished I had someone I could bother or at the least, just talk to. Go out on walks whenever I call them. Maybe has a dog because mine never sees me anymore. Be my pal! Even if you live outside of San Jose, I would be willing to move as far as 50000 miles. Thats farther than the circumference of the Earth in any direction.