February 4, 2008

Walk instead.

I basically have no job and so I have plenty of time to do nothing. Today though, I decided to take a walk, something I haven’t done in a long while. It was great! It was so great in fact that I want to do it again and I want to encourage others to join me. And it was very nice to see the things you don’t really notice when you are in a car. I will post photos later of things that were especially cool to see.

Lets do a thing twice a month where we don’t use cars all day and we have signs with a catchy phrase written on them. If you are interested or if you have something nice for me to write on our signs, or you have other ideas like places to walk please leave a comment. Tell others to come also. Stay green!

Cool, yeah? I would have liked to have been there. Perhaps with a thousand more people, it might have looked a bit more surreal but you can never please me, so..



I am an HTML genius! Well at least I am good at finding HTML to copy and use it correctly. Well I got a third party comment site to host my comments; just click the timestamp at the end of the posts to comment. So commence in commenting!


February 3, 2008


Tumblr does have its faults such as no comment posting on blog posts, so if you would ever want to contact me, my AIM Screen name is StrokingDeadEd and my myspace is at myspace.com/vladiv. Talking would be greatly appreciated.

As it will become abundantly apparent to you when you read my posts, I like folk music a lot. This song exemplifies it a bit. It is excellent and you should listen in honor of my new blog.

Seashore - Ora

First post so cool.

So this is my first post on my new personal blog. I have never kept one before so I am likely to be inconsistent, uninteresting at times and fall to other rookie mistakes. I think a daily journal thing is completely less interesting than just explaining the things you think about when you encounter situations and things you find on the internet (seeing as I spend a lot of my time here). Other things to notice are that I am often incomplete in my ideas while explaining them and that I cut things short. End of post.