February 6, 2008

I need a pal.

I think I have a new job! I had an interview at Domus in Los Gatos today and man, I sure talked that manager lady right out of her proverbial hiring panties. Come visit me next week when I will most likely be working.

Afterwards though, I was driving back towards my house and I realized I was in the wrong lane and was about to go to Santa Cruz. So my apathy got the hold of me and just decided to drive that somewhat terrifyingly beautiful drive.

I got there and couldn’t decide what to do so I just found the nearest sea cliff and just watched. I was happy to be there but wished I had someone I could bother or at the least, just talk to. Go out on walks whenever I call them. Maybe has a dog because mine never sees me anymore. Be my pal! Even if you live outside of San Jose, I would be willing to move as far as 50000 miles. Thats farther than the circumference of the Earth in any direction.

February 5, 2008
Michel de Broin - SuperficielleWhen do we get our own French structurist?-

Michel de Broin - Superficielle

When do we get our own French structurist?


Super Tuesday!

The day of reckoning has arrived! And as much as it pains me to finally admit the defeat of Dennis Kucinich, hope is not 100% lost and it takes the form in Barack Obama (not to steal his own motto). I mean, America has already ruined its chances to be happy in the next 4 years with the combination of 8 years with a shitty leader and the dismissal of a sound, truly public debate, but I think Obama will be the next best leader. And I don’t want to hear about how Ron Paul is the second coming because even though he is for civil liberties, that is about all he has going for him. I mean, yes he is a constitutionalist and he is working towards a more independent country but look around you. America is full of idiots. There is no way we can take care of ourselves unless we have someone to take the initiative to first at least lower our national debt and create a more sound educational scaffold. At least with Obama, he supports a universal health care system with a mild promise to keep the insurance companies in check. And although he supports nuclear which we will have to deal with at some point later on, it will curb our oil needs in the time being.

Why not Hilary?

Well first off, she is scary. I think I would rather wake up to carrot top hovering over me with that demon smile of his than see Clinton’s grim reaper, wrinkle-laiden and more jowley than a saint bernard face and fake personality once a month (if not more). And secondly, she is a fucking moron. ‘War? Sounds great!…Oh shit, we fucked up. I don’t regret it though.’ - ‘Patriot act? That sounds patriotic!’…etc. Although I don’t think I needed to do much convincing to those of you reading this. Well happy Super Tuesday and go vote!

February 4, 2008

Son of Rambow

Release date: May 2, 2008

Watch! This looks to be one of the best films this year with the exception of HPVI.


www.featuredpix.comFern Gully? I don’t see any sexy forrest nymphs here.- 


Fern Gully? I don’t see any sexy forrest nymphs here.

Butterflies by Kelvin HudsonI am not sure if I would be terrified of the thousands of large flying bugs, or if I could actually enjoy the spectacle.-

Butterflies by Kelvin Hudson

I am not sure if I would be terrified of the thousands of large flying bugs, or if I could actually enjoy the spectacle.


This is from a folk comp I found at the aforementioned music blog.  Paul Parrish is a relatively unknown artist who garnered minor publicity from the 1995 blockbuster, Jumanji starring Robin Williams. Paul was actually Williams’ character’s coke starved uncle but was omitted and replaced by a fucking insane hunter who popped out of an equally fucking insane board game. Nevertheless, Paul makes good music.

Dialogue of Wind and Lover - Paul Parrish